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Milk Crate Theatre has a new home!


Milk Crate Theatre has come a long way since its early beginnings way back in 2000. Starting as a project of the Darlinghurst Theatre Company and growing to be a stand-alone, award winning theatre company, we are pleased to say we have grown to the point that we are now faced with a happy circumstance - Milk Crate Theatre has a new home!

We are proud to announce that Milk Crate Theatre is a lucky recipient of The City of Sydney’s Accommodation Grant Program; one of 15 programs adopted by the city, as part of their City’s Grants and Sponsorship Policy. This valuable program supports community, cultural and sustainability focused organisations by providing accommodation in Council-owned buildings. Milk Crate Theatre is one of 72 organisations that will benefit from the Grant Program.

Milk Crate Theatre’s CEO and Artistic Director Maree Freeman responded to the news of the receiving the grant saying:

“The City of Sydney’s ongoing support of Milk Crate Theatre enables the company to continue to bring communities together to share the real stories of people who have experienced homelessness or social marginalisation as we work towards an inclusive future.”

The new office space will be located at the Alexandria Town Hall (73 Garden Street, Alexandria) and will offer accessible space for Milk Crate Theatre to continue its work and continue to grow well into the future. The move will take place this week and we will be up and running by Monday, 4 May.

We want to thank everyone that has journeyed with us throughout the years and we are hoping to see you all sometime at our new home!