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Homelessness is not just ‘houselessness’. Experiencing homelessness means not having stable, secure housing or a place to call home. Homelessness comes in many guises and people become homeless for a range of reasons. Informed by this, Milk Crate Theatre works across sectors towards a socially inclusive community. For us, working towards social inclusion means working with people who are at risk. This includes but is not limited to people with experience of health and mental health issues; physical, intellectual or learning disabilities; low incomes; experience of the care and criminal justice systems; substance misuse and abuse; disrupted education; domestic violence and abusive relationships; refugee or asylum seeker status; and Indigenous Australians. Sadly, homelessness is on the rise in Australia. As a result we have seen an increased need for our services from our community partners. 

We define success in relation to transformation, be it incremental or substantial, within the Ensemble, community partners, our audiences and the wider community. Each year Milk Crate Theatre utilises the creative process to promote and advocate for social inclusion and a better understanding of people experiencing homelessness or social marginalisation. 

In 2014: 

Milk Crate Theatre had 99 new Ensemble Artists join the program

84% of the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble felt they had seen positive changes to their mental health through participating with Milk Crate Theatre 

85% of the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble felt they had seen positive changes to their connections with the wider community through participating with Milk Crate Theatre

‘It was good to get away from difficult situations at home and do something creative’ Ensemble Artist

‘I think a lot more about my health and I am always thinking creatively. I have learned to fit in work and play remarkably and I have met some beautiful friends’ Ensemble Artist

‘…it was amazing! To see the production at such an early stage, and then follow the discussion around all the directions it could go in, as well as hearing the Ensemble’s experiences first hand was very powerful and really opened my eyes.’ Audience member

‘That it asked you to rethink your own actions. Challenged and enlightened the audience. When I walk out tonight I will be more aware of my surroundings and the ability to help or to engage with issues at hand.’ Audience member