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Milk Crate Theatre's Past Performances

Milk Crate Theatre creates new Australian works for our community and a general public audience. 

Some of our performances include:

Under Construction (2016)

Working in collaboration with TONYC's Founder and Director, Katy Rubin, the Milk Crate Theatre Artists developed a new Forum Theatre work from their own lived experience of homelessness and its surrounding issues. Under Construction represents a new style of creating accessible and           informative Forum Theatre work. Artists spoke of their own lived experiences of accessing and struggling with service providers, discrimination and stigmatism from health care workers and commiserating and cooperating as a community to be heard.

Under Construction is supported as part of our International Exchange by our Government Sponsor, the City of Sydney. 

The following artists worked on this project as performers:

       Owen Gill         Veronica Flynn
  Vashti Hughes         John McDonnell
  Graeme Rhodes (Co-Joker)         Pauline Trenerry
  Georgina Wood (Co-Joker)      




Under Construction was facilitated and Co-Jokered by Theatre of the Oppressed NYC's Founder and Director Katy Rubin. 

This production was stage managed by Gigi Gregory and Documentation by Sarah Emery, Asia Redestowitz and Margot Politis, who was also on board as the Project Manager and Associate Artist. 

Special Thanks to Patrick Boland, Jo Franklin and Christie Woodhouse. 

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      Photos by Patrick Boland 

Feast (2016)

This evolving work, from First Times, to Feast and leading into the 2017 Company Production, deals with issues surrounding homelessness, performed by people with lived experiences of homelessness or who are at risk of homelessness. The work speaks to the growing gap of inequality between 'us' and 'them' in the contemporary world. It aims to provide a deeper understanding of the multifarious face of homelessness through personalising the issues and showing that people are more than just thier 'stories' of homeslessness. 

Feast was part of Carriageworks' 2016 In Development Program. 

The following artists worked on this project as performers:

       Anita Canning          Cherie Barnes
  DJ Rapunzel         Fabiola Meza
  Flor Garcia         Georgina Wood
  John McDonnell          Matthias Nudl
  Pauline Trenerry         Sue Dewhurst




Feast was facilitated by Milk Crate Theatre's Artistic Director, Cristabel Sved and Branch Nebula's Co-Creator Lee Wilson. 

This production was stage managed by Kevin Ng, production designed by Mirabelle Wouters and Documentation by Christie Woodhouse and Margot Politis, who was also on board as an Associate Artist. 

Music by Sound Designer/Composer, Phil Downing and Musician, Eddie Benjamin. 

Feast was supported by social worker, Tara Maurici. 

With special thanks to Scott Wright at ERTH, Huey and Nareele Benjamin, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Patrick Boland and Denis Beaubois. 

Photos by Patrick Boland

First Times (2015)

First Times was the first phased of creative development that explores moments from the lives of the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble where they 'have' or haven't had' something for the first time. First Times was a showcase of the intitial ideas and stories for the company's 2017 major production. 

First Times investigated new artistic form for telling the unique and diverse stories of the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble Artists, in collaboration with Lee Wilson, co-creator of Branch Nebula and Cristabel Sved, Artistic Director of Milk Crate Theatre. 

First Times was a part of Carriageworks' 2015 In Development Program. 

The following artists worked on this project as performers:

     Anita Canning  Margaret
  Flor Garcia Fabiola Meza
  John McDonnell Matthias Nudl
  Pauline Trenerry  Rach Williams
  Georgina Wood  





First Time was facilitated by Milk Crate Theatre's Artistic Director, Cristabel Sved and Branch Nebula's Co-Creator Lee Wilson. 

This production was stage managed by Sarah Emery, Lighting designed by Mirabelle Wouters and Documentation by Margot Politis. 

Music performed by Linus Hilton. 

With special thanks to Patrick Boland, Cindy Rodriguez, Michael Fox and Michael Streeter.  

Photos by Patrick Boland. 

No Place Like (2015)

Not every house is a home and not every home is one that you feel safe in...

Inspired by the real life housing experiences of the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble, No Place Like explores the triumphs and challenges of funding a home. No Place Like examines issues of safety, discrimination and self-determination. 

No Place Like was present in partnership with Newtown Neighbourhood Centre and The Wayside Chapel; and with Riverside Theatres for our Schools season. 

The following artists worked on this project as performers: 

        Cat Davies        Owen Gill 
  Graeme Rhodes        Tim Tari 
  Rach Williams   

The following artists worked on this project as playwrights:

        Anita Canning     Maree Freeman 
  Eugenia Langley     Matthius Nudl 
  Pauline Trennery     Rach Williams 

The following artists worked on this project as Jokers/Forum Theatre Facilitators:

        Goldele Rayment
  Beck Ronkson 

No Place Like was directed by Milk Crate Theatre's Artistic Director, Cristabel Sved; and Assistant Directed by Cherie Barnes. 

This production was stage managed by Fraser Orford and project managed by Lisa Walton 

Special thanks to Danielle Carter, Judith Torzillo, Patrick Boland and Cindy Rodrogeuz 

This House Is Mine (2015)


Tales from out of the ordinary

Journey through dark and beautiful territory to explore the relationship we have with our most precious possession – our mind. A tapestry of surprising encounters weave stories of hope, escape and resilience, created and performed by an Ensemble of Artists who have experienced homelessness or social marginalisation.

This House Is Mine was presented in partnership with the Darlinghurst Theatre Company from the 12 to 22 March 2015. 


"magnificently life affirming" "This House Is Mine is theatre that empowers not only the theatre makers but the audience by enlightening through entertainment and by reminding us of the honest dignity we all have in common." Sydney Arts Guide

"This House Is Mine is absorbing, exciting, interesting, funny and shocking theatre. It’s also about a rich parade of humanity and human stories shared generously and unseen by dozens of those involved in the Milk Crate Ensemble" Stage Noise

"it tells real stories: brutal and beautiful by turn"  The Guardian 

"I always know that a work in the theatre has absorbed me when I find myself 'lost' imaginatively in the world and experiences of the story. This happened to me at the Eternity Playhouse the other evening." Kevin Jackson’s Theatre Diary 

'Poignant, engaging, uplifting – Milk Crate Theatre’s ‘This House Is Mine’ is a revelation' "This House Is Mine is both lovely and confronting theatre" "truth is the vital ingredient to magic" Concrete Playground Sydney

"the overriding emotion here is hope: hope for change and for a better future" Time Out Sydney 

"it’s an absorbing, poignant piece with laughter, tears and tenderness as well as darkness and brutality, and it speaks with a great sense of shared humanity" The Daily Telegraph

"elegantly spare, unfolds smoothly and is strikingly well performed" "authenticity, honesty and generosity of spirit" The Sydney Morning Herald 

Watch the 7.30 Report on This House Is Mine here


The following artists worked on the project as performers

         Brooke      Rach Williams
  Clem Fabiola Meza
  Mack Chris Barwick
  Evelyn Veronica Flynn
  Jason Matthias Nudl
  Frank John McDonnell
  Anna Contessa Treffone

The following artists worked on the project as video artists, creating all of the content for the internal worlds of the characters:

         Clem        Joasia Redestowicz
  Mack Gordon Broomham
    Graeme Buttriss
  Frank   Michael Wilson
    Lisa Griffiths
  Jason Kath Gale
    Kerrie Marshall
  Anna    Lisa Griffiths

The following artists provided their stories for the creation of the Ensemble content within the play:

         Cherie Barnes   Flor Garcia  Moose 
  Gordon Broomham 

Rick (Pee Wee) Geoff  

Ray Morgan
  Stephanie Brown Michael Godlee Matthias Nudl
  Graeme Buttriss Lisa Griffiths Squizzy Rider
  Glen Fisher Eugenia Langley Graham Stoney
  Veronica Flynn Fabiola Meza Pauline Trenerry


        The following artists have contributed to the project through creative developments, conversations,
        digital developments and consultations:

        Akira      Michael Godlee Matthias Nudl
  Cherie Barnes Lisa Griffiths Goldele Rayment
  Chris Barwick Jon Horsley Joasia Redestowicz
  Anjelina Baris Aydin Eugenia Langley Squizzy Rider
  Stephanie Brown Leanda Wayne Schmidt
  Gordon Broomham       Badai Maftuh-Flynn   Graham Stoney
  Graeme Buttriss Kerrie Marshall Pauline Trenerry
  Carla Cameron John McDonnell Rach Williams
  Veronica Flynn Fabiola Meza  John Williams
  Kath Gale Moose Michael Wilson
  Flor Garcia Ray Morgan Georgina Wood
  Rick (Pee Wee) Geoff Jasmine Noreen  
  Owen Gill Gretta Northey  


        The following artists contributed as part of the creative team

        Playwright & Producer    Maree Freeman  
  Director  Paige Rattray
  Dramaturges Goldele Rayment & Kip Williams
  Video Design Consultant Sean Bacon
  Video Artist Sarah Emery
  Lighting Designer Ross Graham
  Sound Designer Tom Hogan
  Set & Costume Designer Hugh O’Connor
  Producer  Kate McBride
  Production & Stage Manager  Kevin Ng
  Stage Manager  Ellie May Stewart
  Stage Manager Christie Woodhouse


The Last Laugh (2014)

In September 2014, Milk Crate Theatre transformed the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre and 107 Projects into comedy clubs. A selection of skits, stand-up routines and clowning acts were performed by the Ensemble and developed as part of The Art Of Comedy Drama Workshops... but who had the last laugh? Badum-ching!

You Are Here (2014)


In a brutally honest and engaging theatre experience, Milk Crate Theatre presented an exploration into the pivotal moments where people have a choice: to take action or remain silent. Created through a collaborative theatre making process, You Are Here is a collection of stories inspired and told by Milk Crate Theatre’s Ensemble, a collective of artists who have experienced homelessness or social marginalisation. The result was an insightful performance that provides audiences with the opportunity to actively engage in contemporary social issues. Written in response to the ways in which intentional blindness informs people’s daily interactions – and the ease with which people turn the other way – You Are Here was a pivotal and authentic work that will was performed throughout Sydney community services, followed by an education season at Parramatta’s Riverside Theatre.

Full Circle (2013)

Full Circle asks the question – What is the story of mental health in the community and how can prejudices be challenged? Ruth has recently moved into her very own apartment. The sense of home and stability that she experiences with this move is hugely meaningful to her. After an incident involving a pair of scissors and an altered state of reality, Ruth finds herself locked out of her apartment, with nowhere to go. Full Circle examines the many perspectives at play when mental health needs and wider community perceptions find themselves at odds with each other. Placing the audience at the centre of the discussion, Full Circle explores the private and public attitudes towards mental illness in the community.

Full Circle deals with the issue of homelessness and link between this and mental illness. Full Circle explores experiences of psychosis, sleeping rough, social isolation and prejudice. Milk Crate Theatre invites you up out of your seat and into the production as you take an active role in contributing your thoughts and ideas to the issues presented in the show. The stories told within Full Circle have been generated by the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble, a group of artists who have the lived experience of homelessness or social marginalisation.

Milk Crate Theatre presented Full Circle for an education audience and for a general public audience. This initiative was a part of  The Milky Way, our social enterprise. 


The Things That Are Left Behind (2013)

What elements of ourselves have we left in the places we've been? What remnants of our past exist in the spaces that we occupy now? What will this place look like in the future?

Blending live performance with digital media, The Things That Are Left Behind was an experiment for Milk Crate Theatre. The result was a rich tapestry of big ideas about time, place and the universe.  The project was developed over a six week creative development where the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble told stories, contributed predictions for the future, created intricate stop-motion animations and chased a tennis ball from Parramatta to Newtown to Woolloomooloo.  For more information, click here.

You Are Here (2013)

When should you say something? How do you step in?

During an open writing workshop with the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble, people were asked to reflect on situations that they’d heard of or witnessed when something happened that shouldn’t have but nobody seemed to do or say anything about it. From this workshop, the Ensemble told stories that resonated with them and discussed how this kind of large scale blindness is able to exist in the world today. From muggings in Russia to the everyday phenomenon of blocking out the world by wearing headphones when walking down the street, You Are Here is a show about looking around, taking notice and recognising the potential in us all to change the world around us.

View our images from our photo gallery. View our documentary here.


Fearless (2012)

MilkCrate Theatre and Carriageworks present Fearless, a production which investigated the many portals of loneliness. Ten characters inhabit the world of Fearless, distilled by the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble, composer Daryl Wallis, singer Christa Hughes and playwright Mirra Todd. Each character flinches at a point in their lives. In that moment, each life is unexpectedly hurled off its normal path into an emotional abyss, where redemption, recovery, release or relapse is but an inch from each person’s grasp.

“Fearless reminds us that loneliness is more than feelings of isolation experienced by an individual, rather, it is a significant problem of societal health and happiness. Isolation, poverty, addiction, social invisibility, some dark territory is covered here, through Fearless is by no means gloomy. Ultimately it delivers a message that is hopeful without being glib: the cure for loneliness - or at least a reprieve from its most debilitating effects – comes not from looking inward, but from reaching out.” Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald.

Want a sneak peek into the world of Fearless? View the films below.


Meet Ray. Ray is a Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble member who is played the role of Carlotta in Fearless.

Meet Owen. Owen is a Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble member who played the role of Gizmo in Fearless.

Meet Bridget. Bridget is a Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble member who played the role of Pepper in Fearless.

Meet Wayne. Wayne is a Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble member who played the role of Rizzler in Fearless.

Meet Michael. Michael is a Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble member who played the role of Dogtag in Fearless.