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Milk Crate Theatre provides direct employment opportunities to the Ensemble. We offer customers a choice of short film works that provide new ways to educate, inspire, learn or deliver in areas of corporate social responsibility. We provide existing short films to be purchased and presented for corporate, educational or conference settings. Alternatively you can commission us to create a short film on a topic of your choice. 

The 2015 films available for purchase:

Time Capsule: A short film exploring what legacy the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble would like to leave for the future regarding homelessness, mental health and recovery. Time Capsule will be available from January to December 2015.

What Makes Me Strong: Showcasing personal stories of strength and determination, the Ensemble reflect on what it means to survive and thrive and explore their own moments of triumph over adversity. What Makes Me Strong will be available from July 2015.

Homefull: A beautiful, animated exploration by the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble of home and happiness. Homefull will be available from January to December 2015

For more information or to organise a booking, contact sarah@milkcratetheatre.com or call 02 9698 7133

Homefull trailer: