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Best of Bec

Rebecca Reddin

"During the pandemic I had about a year of seeing the humour in everything - brought out by Milk Crate Theatre! The humour came and went. I laughed a lot and was often seeing the funny side of things. I was having a lot of fun sending up some small sides of life as you can see from my footage ...

It would be fun to spend one's life doing voices and acting the fool - all for a good amount of pay. But right now I have more serious things to consider such as the health of systems, tenancy, relatives and friends and animals."

BEST OF BEC is a compilation of improvised and prepared sketches performed as part of the online

Waterloo Creative Ensemble workshops


About Rebecca

Rebecca's first introduction to acting was from around the age of 6 - she was a mouse and had to wear a costume. She sang old time songs on stage with other young ones. Then, she performed for choir at school. Rebecca helped kids express themselves through playing out Bible texts at Sunday school. In later years she did the same through scripture classes - lots of fun between challenges.

Rebecca has always been incredibly interested in writing scripts and anything that went with that such as shooting a film. When doing a course in film production she particularly loved the lighting aspects of film. After this, Rebecca did a short course at Sydney University in Film Production, for which she wrote a film script. Later, Rebecca acted in ads (usually only the backdrop) and whatever she could get in to through a Sydney agent. This gave her money for a little while, then she went back in nursing and studying social work.