James Dalton

Facilitating Artist

James Dalton is a theatre-maker and PhD candidate in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Sydney, Australia. His research focus is on medical students and the multiple performance modes that afford their developing medical subjectivity. Through this work he is interested more broadly in the connections across cultures that situate health and care beyond biomedical and economic models, and James continues to investigate how arts and humanities are constitutive of health rather than instrumental tools for STEM professionals.

​James' artistic focus is on developing new writing, staging immersive participatory projects, and multidisciplinary collaborative CACD projects. His collaborations have included works with Legs On The Wall, Underbelly Arts Festival, Milk Crate Theatre, and NSW Health, as well as at the Prague Quadrennial, in Novi Sad, and in theatres and found spaces around Australia. These projects reflect his interests in anxiety, community-building, historiography and apocalypse.