On The Edge delves into the experience of anxiety, and how it manifests in our contemporary world

On The Edge
On The Edge

On The Edge
On The Edge

On The Edge
On The Edge

On The Edge
On The Edge


What is the thing that make us anxious? What does anxiety feel like? How does anxiety show up in our everyday, and what are the measures we can take to look after ourselves and those around us?

Through its innovative and dynamic reimagining of Forum Theatre, Milk Crate Theatre presents this interactive performance. 

for the first time Milk Crate Theatre will also being offering students and teachers a special workshop opportunity with an Interactive Theatre facilitator exclusively for Riverside Theatre's Secondary Education program. The workshop offers a chance for students and teachers to learn some of the activities and skills our own artists use to create a Milk Crate Theatre patented performance. 

If you are a youth person 16 - 24yrs that has a lived experience of homelessness or social disadvantage you are welcome to take part in the development and performance of On The Edge. To take part and for more information please follow this link. 

On The Edge was shown to a public audience at the Granville Town Hall, before being shown to a schools audience as part of Riverside Theatre's Education Season. Milk Crate Theatre also provided workshop opportunities to school student and their teachers to learn from Milk Crate Theatre's professional artist facilitator about interactive performance. 

The Team:

Director/Facilitator: Alice Williams 

Co-Director/Facilitator: Felicity Nicol 

Collaborator/Performer: Jessica Hannah 

Collaborator/Performer: Lachlan C-D  

Collaborator/Performer: Eugenia Langley 

Artistic Support/Director: Margot Politis 

Social Worker: Laura Hurstfield 

Case Worker (Evolve Housing): Shahn Tupaea 

Case Worker (Evolve Housing): Caroline Kisilia 

Supporter Housing Manager (Evolve Housing): Debra Ireson 

Producer: Lisa Walton

Collaborators: Desmond Edwards, Steve Simao, Daniela B, Lachlan W, Emmanual A, Rahab J.M, Sara A, Helen E, Acuai A, Robert P, Hamed B,

Patricia L, Ruth J, Caroline M, Kayley B, Annesha I, Mansery M and Poitlaere P. 


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