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Homelessness is not just ‘houselessness’. Experiencing homelessness means not having stable, secure housing or a place to call home. Homelessness comes in many guises and people become homeless for a range of reasons.

Sadly, homelessness is on the rise in Australia and as a result we have seen an increased need for our services from our community partners. For us, success is defined by the transformation of others, be it incremental or substantial, within the Ensemble, community partners, our audiences and the wider community. We utilise the creative process to advocate for social inclusion and allow for better understanding of people experiencing homelessness or social disadvantage. 


According to the 2011 Census there are 105,237 people who are homeless in Australia (source: ABS) which is a rate of 49 persons in every 10,000 (or just under 0.5% of the population).

Some other key findings:

  • 56% of people who are experiencing homelessness are male, 44% female

  • 39% of people who are experiencing homelessness are living in "severely overcrowded dwellings"

  • 6% of people who are experiencing homelessness are sleeping rough (improvised dwellings, tents or sleeping out)

  • 27% of those experiencing homelessness are in NSW, followed by 22% in VIC

  • The NT has the highest rate of homelessness with 730 per 10,000 people, followed by the ACT with 50 per 10,000. TAS has the lowest rate of homelessness with 31.9 per 10,000

More information can be found at Homelessness Australia website


Over the last four years, Milk Crate Theatre has:

- Run over 360 performing arts workshops throughout Greater Sydney.

- 573 people have participated in our programs.

- 404 new participants have joined out programs.

- 112 participants went on to take part in performances and productions.

- 12, 625 people have been to watched our performances and productions.

- 78% of participants have had positive changes in their lives.  

Milk Crate Theatre is proudly a Gold Mental Health First Aid skilled Workplace. 

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