Milk Crate Theatre is proudly a Gold Mental Health First Aid skilled Workplace. 

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Set Design Workshop 

Spend five creative Mondays with Margot Politis and the incomparable David Capra, to decide on the set design for Milk Crate Theatre's next major production, Natural Order! 


We will explore the objects, materials and textures that can be used to create our world - the walls... the floor... the costumes and props! 


Bring your ideas for the twists and turns, alcoves and illusions you want to create for audiences in our upcoming project. 


These workshops are now complete. 

Check back to our What's On page or current or upcoming workshop



Alexandria Town Hall 

73 Garden Street, Alexandria NSW 2015


Download the post HERE



Milk Crate Theatre is an approved WDO organisation, individuals eligible for WDOs must contact Milk Crate Theatre's Social Worker to be registered. Individuals must fulfill the criteria for being a Milk Crate Theatre participants in order to undergo activities for WDOs. For more information please email or call (02) 9698 7133.