Theory of Change

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Photo from 2019 Major Production Natural Order. Patrick Boland Photography


Disadvantage generates a sense of voicelessness, invisibility and social exclusion that negatively impacts individual life potential and erodes community, humanity and belonging.

Participants Activities

Our participants are people whose voices are under-represented in society. They are generally living with, have experienced or are at risk of homelessness; living with mental health or disability support needs; have experienced domestic violence or come from culturally and linguistically diverse communities.


We work with social purpose, government, corporate and funding partners who can increase our participant and audience reach and impact. Our audience includes the general public and decision-makers who influence the lives of our collaborative artists.


We engage community members in artistic programs using CACD best practice. Creative workshops for participants both directly and through partners. We work with participants to create and share original artistic works with audiences. We generate powerful performance works and partner with others to help it gain audience reach.


Through the process of creating unique and original stories, we provide opportunities for people whose voices are under-represented in society to build confidence, skills and connections to help them make positive changes in their lives; and by sharing their stories with audiences we build empathy and break down barriers which contribute to a society with more humanity, connection and belonging.

For participants:

  • Confidence

  • Self-worth

  • Skills - performance-based as well as communications and life skills

  • Improved social connections and links to community


An artistic program that taps into the original stories of our participants and adds their voices to the mainstream cultural landscape. Share work with audiences to change community perceptions and influence decision-makers in order to transform communities for the better.

Improved Personal Wellbeing of participants:

  • Connection to Community, Social cohesion,

  • Belonging

  • Productivity

  • Increased life Aspirations


Tolerance, inclusion and decisions that increase the life potential of our participant population. Add unique and resonant works sharing the unique perspectives of our participants to the Australian cultural landscape.