The Silver City

Garry Richards

"I have travelled with my good friend Winky to many places in Australia and I really enjoy doing the planning of our trips, including memorising the names of many of the streets. We both love riding our bikes when we travel.

My film is about Broken Hill, which we visited in September of last year for 8 days and I found it to be a wonderful city with a very rich history, which was included on the National Heritage List in 2015, the first Australian city to achieve this national recognition. Broken Hill is a long way to travel. It is a 13 hours 21 minutes journey from Central Station, Sydney, and the rail distance is 1123km compared to Melbourne with a train journey time of 10 hours 55 minutes and a rail distance of 866km. Train is by far the best way to get there for the changes in the landscape. I believe it is one of the grand rail journeys in the world. There is only one train per week from Central Station to Broken Hill compared to two per day from Melbourne. 

Do you think David Attenborough would also have loved this Silver City in the Australian Outback?"


All images from workshops + film shoots by Bethany Simons