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Journey through dark and beautiful territory to explore the relationship we have with our most precious possession - our mind. A tapestry of surprising encounters weaves stories of hope, escape, and resilience, created and performed by an ensemble of Artists who have experiences homelessness and social marginalisation.


This House is Mine was the result of an 18-month process of development in consultation and creation with over 40 Ensemble Artists 

The Team:

Playwright/Producer - Maree Freeman

Director - Paige Rattray

Video Design Consultant - Sean Bacon

Video Artist - Sarah Emery

Lighting Designer - Ross Graham

Sound Designer - Tom Hogan

Set and Costume Designer - Hugh O'Conner

Creative Producer - Kate McBride

Production Manager - Kevin Ng

Dramaturges - Kip Williams & Goldele Rayment

Photography - Patrick Boland


Performers - Rach Williams, Fabiola Meza, Chris Barwick, Veronica Flynn, Matthias Nudl, John McDonnell, Contessa Treffone

Digital Artists - Joasia Redestowicz, Gordon Broomham, Graeme Buttriss, Michael Wilson, Lisa Griffiths, Kath Gale, Kerrie Marshall


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