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Tree of Hope


This video is the first part of 'Tree of Hope'

'Tree of Hope' is inspired by my own suffering, my family, my friends and my surroundings. For the past three years, the life I knew is gone. Everything has changed dramatically! Then we got hit by COVID-19 and there were some lockdowns in Sydney. So much suffering!

I thought I was happy but I was not.

Naturally I am a happy person, alas life could be a challenge and being happy is not enough. I forgot to love myself, to protect myself, to put up some boundaries and to start saying no.

When I realised it, it was a bit too late. BUT it is never too late.

Hope gives me the strength to keep going forward.

Hope tells me it's ok when things are not ok.

Hope teaches me to let go, to sincerely let go.

By letting go, you are free from suffering.

Dancing is my way of letting go, when I dance I am lost in it. Just at that moment and dance. Dancing is my best friend to calm my mind, give me lots of hope and 'Vit H' - Vitamin Happiness. Dancing is my life! The dance community is supportive and keeps me going through good and bad times. I am grateful to be able to dance and let things go, so I could think clearly and keep going forward. To always have hope not only for myself but also for you!

Let's believe in Hope.

About Hana_in_Sydney

Hana is an architect turned artist that loves dogs and enjoys sketching at local cafes. 

Since young, she has loved to sketch things around her. She started to sketch her toys, some Japanese anime and she remembers one day she sketched her Aunt's bedroom with a new decoration. Her Uncle noticed it and said that she should study architecture in the future.

She started dancing when she was 10 years old, following the UK Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. She found her inspirations in dancing after watching Mikhail Baryshnikov pirouette for 12 times in one of his movies. Today she dances at open classes in Sydney.

Ballet, architecture and arts are some of her passions that she loves to explore. You can see many sketches are based on ballet and architecture, people and dogs, or daily lives and things surrounding her. She also loves to take photos and sometimes she combines her sketches with photography. She loves life and believes life is beautiful. She hopes she could share her passions with others and bring happiness to others.


All images from workshops + film shoots by Bethany Simons

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