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Waterloo. You've seen the towers. You've read the headlines. But do you know the neighbourhood?


Milk Crate Theatre and the Waterloo Creative Ensemble invite you to an exploration of days and dreams sprung from this community in a time of limbo.


Part exhibition, part performance, part community meeting, this project featuring artists from the Waterloo Creative Ensemble is a collaboration between Milk Crate Theatre, Counterpoint Community Services, City of Sydney and residents of the Waterloo Housing Estate.

Details of where you can you view this project will be coming soon.

This project is facilitated by Artists James Dalton and Bethany Simons

image: Waterloo Creative Ensemble members Garry, Larry & Flora by Bethany Simons



Milk Crate Theatre is an approved WDO organisation, individuals eligible for WDOs must contact Milk Crate Theatre's Social Worker to be registered. Individuals must fulfil the criteria for being a Milk Crate Theatre participants in order to undergo activities for WDOs. For more information please email socialworker@milkcratetheatre.com or call (02) 9698 7133.