Flora Zaydenberg

"The juxtaposition between seemingly incompatible things have been my main source of inquiry and interest lately. How the rough is emphasised by the soft. Light emphasised by darkness. Silence and sound co-existing together. And how it can be obvious or implied. Waterloo, like any other neighbourhood, has a rhythm, a sound and a smell. And if you are lucky you can try and distill it into a poem. A poem is a faint scent of the larger life that it alludes to. A poem is a sketch. When you add music, voice, video footage to a poem it becomes more than it originally was. It acquires other dimensions not originally intended. The audience participates as a co-creator of meaning."


All images from workshops + film shoots by Bethany Simons

About Flora

I have lived all over Sydney and beyond, but have always returned to Waterloo. Call it fate. But Waterloo seems to be my starting point. Somewhere where I go to start again. This time what I started again was writing and being creative. I'm hoping to continue writing and collaborating with other like minded people. I feel blessed to have met so many wonderful, talented people this time around.