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It's that time of year again!
Milk Crate Theatre Collaborative Artists are invited to submit an Expression of Interest for our 2024 major show - a co-production with Shopfront Arts Co-op! You may remember our last co-pro with Shopfront, Tiny Universe 

The show will be co-directed by Margot Politis and Natalie Rose - who is an absolute legend in case you don't know her! The title of the show will be decided by the cast, and it's going to be a very fun time. Our theme is TECHNOLOGY:



An intergenerational production by Shopfront's Harness Ensemble in collaboration with Milk Crate Theatre. Journey through the ever-changing world of technology, from the days of *10# and ICQ to the awe-inspiring advancements of Chat GPT and AI. Explore how humans adapt to this rapid evolution, reflecting on the past while embracing the marvels of the digital age. Don't miss this captivating exploration of all things 'tech' and it's profound impact on our lives.

We're going to explore what "TECH" means to different people across different generations, like - life before the internet! How the online world and social media have become such a huge part of our lives, and what impact that has had on us as people. In all the ads we see, we're told technology is supposed to bring us closer together, but the world is currently seeing some of the highest rates of loneliness, depression and isolation we have ever known. But there are also some really cool things about tech too!

The show will incorporate writing, movement, object play, and acting / improvisation. 

Regarding movement - we are an accessible space, so all bodies are welcome, and we will tailor exercises to suit the people in the room. If you have any concerns, please contact Margot to discuss - especially letting us know if you have any major health or physical issues that we need to be aware of.

We only have four spaces for MCT performers, and so we have very important criteria we will ask you to respond to.


We welcome all Collaborative Artists who have:

  1. Attended Milk Crate Theatre workshops or projects in the past two years.

  2. Are available for the creative development and performance season (dates detailed below).

  3. Actively demonstrated respect for the MCT Creative Spaces Guidelines, have brought a positive and collaborative energy to MCT spaces, and who are willing to work and be challenged.


Key Dates

EOI opens: Thursday 7 March

EOI closes: Friday 22 March

Notification Thursday 28 March


A maximum of 4 Collaborative Artists will be selected. 

MCT Artistic Director Margot Politis will decide who these people are in consideration of:

  • Your EOI application.

  • Your availability to attend all dates.

  • Our understanding of your commitment and passion for MCT generally.

  • Consideration of the Shopfront young people and who will be suited from MCT to work in this space.


4 week Skills Development with Margot and Jess (MCT only)

Alexandria Town Hall

Thursdays 11am - 1pm

9 - 30 May

Creative Development

Shopfront Arts Co-op - 88 Carlton Parade, Carlton NSW 2218

10:30am - 2:30pm

6-28 June (Thursdays and Fridays)

5 - 26 July (Fridays only)

2 - 30 August (Fridays only)

Intensive Rehearsals

Shopfront Arts Co-op

Mon 2 Sept - Fri 6 Sept, 10:30am - 4:30pm

Mon 9 Sept - Fri 13 Sept, 10:30am - 4:30pm


Shopfront Arts Co-op

Mon 16 Sept - Sun 22 Sept


Shopfront Arts Co-op

Fri Oct 4 TBC


All training sessions are unpaid, but cast will be paid for part of the creative development, rehearsal and production period. Funding is still being finalised and will be discussed with selected Collaborative Artists once cast has been confirmed.

You must complete your application via jotform which you can access HERE or the button below. If you require assistance with the form, please contact or phone 0481 348 218.

There will be no EOI workshop this year, as there was last last year.

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