Past Performances



In 2015 news broke in the Waterloo Housing community that residents would have to move from their homes, due to plans for development in the area. Three years later and these residents – some of whom have lived in the Estate for many years – have still received no certain information as to where they will be “relocated”, let alone when.  


Addressing themes of bureaucracy, waiting, and facing the unknown, INTERIM is a new performance work in development by Milk Crate Theatre, commissioned by 107 Redfern, and will encompass the stories and experiences of current residents of the Waterloo Housing Estates.  


This project will also function as a supported mentorship, as the making of the piece will be designed and facilitated by two participants of Milk Crate Theatre’s Developing Artists Program; where participants learned about self-production and were paired with mentors to begin development on their own new works. INTERIM is another step in the skills development of these Developing Artists, and through a structured process of research, material creation and community engagement, they will be cultivating even further their strength in creative leadership.  

The Team:

Georgina Wood & Pauline Trenerry - Developing Artists in Residence

Anna North, Karyn Brown, May Dore & Adam Antonelli - Devisors & Performers 

James Dalton - Director & Mentor 

Margot Politis - Artistic Director & Mentor

Laura Hurstfield - Social Worker

Lisa Walton - Creative Producer

Jessica Saras - Program Coordinator

Adam Antonelli - Counterpoint Community Services

Jess Cook, Dario Phillips, Amy Willing,

Jackson Morpehtt Field & James McDonald - 107

Thanks to:

Judith Bowtell, John McDonnell, Marryanne Laumua & Catherine Skipper. 


On The  Edge delves into the experience of anxiety, and how it manifests in our contemporary world. 

What are the thing that make us anxious? What does anxiety feel like? How does anxiety show up in our everyday, and what are the measures we can take to look after ourselves and those around us?

Through its innovative and dynamic reimagining of Forum Theatre, Milk Crate Theatre presents this interactive performance. 

for the first time Milk Crate Theatre will also being offering students and teachers a special workshop opportunity with an Interactive Theatre facilitator exclusively for Riverside Theatre's Secondary Education program. The workshop offers a chance for students and teachers to learn some of the activities and skills our own artists use to create a Milk Crate Theatre patented performance. 

If you are a youth person 16 - 24yrs that has a lived experience of homelessness or social disadvantage you are welcome to take part in the development and performance of On The Edge. To take part and for more information please follow this link. 

On The Edge was shown to a public audience at the Granville Town Hall, before being shown to a schools audience as part of Riverside Theatre's Education Season. Milk Crate Theatre also provided workshop opportunities to school student and their teachers to learn from Milk Crate Theatre's professional artist facilitator about interactive performance. 

The Team:

Alice Williams - Director/Facilitator

Felicity Nicol - Co-Director/Facilitator 

Jessica Hannah - Collaborator/Performer

Lachlan C-D  - Collaborator/Performer

Eugenia Langley - Collaborator/Performer

Laura Hurstfield - Social Worker

Shahn Tupaea - Case Worker (Evolve Housing)

Caroline Kisilia - Case Worker (Evolve Housing)

Debra Ireson - Supporter Housing Manager (Evolve Housing)

Lisa Walton - Producer

Margot Politis - Artistic Support/Director


Collaborators: Desmond Edwards, Steve Simao, Daniela B, Lachlan W, Emmanual A, Rahab J.M, Sara A, Helen E, Acuai A, Robert P, Hamed B, Patricia L, Ruth J, Caroline M, Kayley B, Annesha I, Mansery M and Poitlaere P. 


What do you do when you feel like you're drowning? How do you explain to others that you've forgotten who you are?

Every year one million Australians live with one of the most prevalent disabilities in the world; if it is not you, it might be someone you know, someone you work with...somone you love. 

Depression is on the rise across the globe, and the Milk Crate Theatre set out to explore with their audiences through interactive Forum Theatre, how to find support  for this condition, and how we can individuals and collectively activate change. 

That's The Spirit was presented as a public showing a the Erskineville Town Hall and Redfern Town Hall in June 2017; before going on to be included in Riverside Theatre's Secondary Education Program for 2017. 

The Team:

Kay Armstrong - Director/Performer

Agniele Asmenaite - Collaborator

Costa Chrysafis - Collaborator

Desmond Edwards - Collaborator/Performer

Eugenia Langley - Collaborator

Jordan Rosier - Collaborator

Steve Simao - Collaborator/Performer

Kamini Singh - Collaborator/Performer

John Williams - Collaborator

Georgina Wood - Collaborator/Performer

Laura Hurstfield - Social Worker

Lisa Walton - Producer

Margot Politis - Artistic Support

Lachlan Dudley - Research/Collaborator

Ixi Avila - Collaborator/Volunteer

Link Housing Project

Link Housing partners with Milk Crate Theatre in order to provide an alternative and innovative approach to community consultation through the Forum Theatre method. This resulted in seven performances across North Sydney to an audience of approximately 180 people. The project included a three-day development process with current Linking Housing tenants, public housing tenants, and other interested member of the public. 

The Team:

Graeme Rhodes - Director

Georgina Wood - Support Artist

Lis Walton - Project Manager (Milk Crate Theatre)

Louise Hegarty - Project Coordinator (Link Housing)

Michael Bolton - Collaborator/Performer

Ned Lander - Collaborator/Performer

Jorge Nania - Collaborator/Performer

Marie Sillars - Collaborator

Fay Sinclair -Collaborator/Performer

Kamini Singh - Collaborator/Performer

Ali Goss - Volunteer/Performer

Christie Woodhouse - Report Writer

Sarah Emery - Videography

Patrick Boland - Photography


An incredible transfixing gaze unsettles us in our seats. We listen to testimonies of inequality and how the performers have negotiated the terrain of their lives. These stories reconfigure the identities we see and refuse the identities we hold on to. We watch the performers create makeshift structures of brilliant colour to sleep in. These is an uncomfortably long silence as we watch them rest in real time. They dance as if only for themselves - we witness their resilience and an undeniable strength that permeates the space. 

The work speaks to the growing gap of inequality in the contemporary world. It aims to provide a deeper understanding of the multifariousness of homelessness through examination of the issues from people with a lived experience. 

The Team:

Cristabel Sved - Co-Director

Lee Wilson (Branch Nebula) - Co-Director

Cherie Barnes - Performer

Anita Canning - Performer

Sue Dewhurst - Performer

DJ Rapunzel - Performer

Fabiola Meza - Performer

Flor Garcia - Performer

John McDonnell - Performer

Matthias Nudl - Performer

Pauline Trenerry - Performer

Georgina Wood - Performer 

Mirabelle Wouters (Branch Nebula) - Production Design

Phil Downing - Sound Designer/Composer

Eddie Benjamin - Musician 

Kevin Ng - Stage Manager

Tara Maurici - Social Worker 

Photography - Patrick Boland

Videography - Denis Beaubois

Special Thanks to Scott Wright at ERTH, Huey and

Nareele Benjamin and Campbelltown Arts Centre.



Change can be exciting, bringing fresh opportunities, but it can also be scary, especially when it could mean the relocation of your home or business. Turning Towers explored the NSW Government plan to revitalise the inner city suburb of Waterloo and the issues facing the diverse community of Waterloo who have strong ties tothe local area. What happens when an entire community of more than 4000 public housing tenants is 'redeveloped'? How can we deal with the challenges ahead for those dependent on public and social housing while allowing for significant urban development? How can a community stay connected during a time of dramatic and rapid change? 


The Team:

Goldele Rayment - Co-Facilitator/Director

Jonnie Swift - Co-Facilitator

Chris Barry - Collaborator/Performer

Christopher Blackwell - Collaborator/Performer

Marianne Cenno - Collaborator

Desmond Edwards - Collaborator/Performer

Owen Gill - Collaborator/Performer

Ali Goss - Performer

John McDonnell - Collaborator/Performer

Catherine Skipper - Collaborator Performer

Laura Wynne - Collaborator

Laura Kelly - Social Support

Tara Maurici - Social Support

Bill Yan - Social Support

Lisa Walton - Producer



What happens when the things that bring us comfort and control begin to break, wreck and ravage?

Wasted is inspired by the real life experiences of the Milk Crate Theatre community, exploring addiction in all its shapes and sizes - from drugs and sugar to gaming and gambling. It delves into the wasted opportunities that occur when addiction takes over and we can no longer make rational choices and decisions. Using Augusto Boal inspired model of Forum Theatre; Milk Crate Theatre will get audiences up out of their seats and onto the stage to become part of a community problem solving experience. Wasted will inspire audiences to examine their perceptions and actively brainstorm solutions to help break the downwards spiral of addictions and work towards positive change. 

The Team:

Graeme Rhodes - Co-Facilitator/Co-Director

Margot Politis - Co-Director

Fabiola Meza - Performer/Co-Facilitator

Georgina Wood - Assistant Director (Mentorship)

Anita Canning - Performer

Owen Gill - Performer

Tim Tari - Performer

Lisa Walton - Producer

Ann Malcolm - Social Worker

Kevin Ng - Stage Manager 

Jerold Chan - Stage Manager

Special Thanks to Patrick Boland and Sarah Emery. 

Photo by Patrick Boland.


Working in collaboration with Theatre of the Oppressed NYC's Founder and Director, Katy Rubin, the Milk Crate Theatre artists developed a new Forum Theatre work from their own lived experiences of homelessness and the surrounding issues. Under Construction represents a new style of creating accessible and informative Forum Theatre work. Artists spoke of their own lived experiences of accessing and struggling with service providers, discrimination and stigmatism from health care workers and commiserating and cooperating as a community to be heard. 

Under Construction was supported as part of our International Exchange by our Government Sponsor, the City of Sydney. 

The Team:

Katy Rubin - Facilitator

Graeme Rhodes - Co-Facilitator

Georgina Wood - Co-Facilitator

Owen Gill - Performer

Vashti Hughes - Performer

Veronica Flynn - Performer

John McDonnell - Performer

Pauline Trenerry - Performer

Gigi Gregory - Stage Manager

Margot Politis - Project Manager

Photography - Patrick Boland

Videography - Sarah Emery

Special Thanks to Asia Redestowitz,

Jo Franklin and Christie Woodhouse. 


Not every house is a home and not every home is one that you feel safe in...

Inspired by the real life housing experiences of the Milk Crate Theatre Community, No Place Like explores the triumphs and challenges of finding a home. No Place Like examines issues of safety, discrimination and self-determination.

The Team:

Cristabel Sved - Director

Cherie Barnes - Assistant Director (Mentorship)

Beck Ronkson - Lead- Facilitator

Goldele Rayment - Co-Facilitator

Cat Davies - Performer

Owen Gill - Performer

Graeme Rhodes - Performer

Tim Tari - Performer

Rach Williams - Performer and Collaborator

Anita Canning - Collaborator

Maree Freeman - Playwright

Eugenia Langley - Collaborator

Matthius Nudl - Collaborator

Pauline Trenerry - Collaborator

Fraser Orford - Stage Manager

Lisa Walton - Project Manager

Photography - Patrick Boland

Videography - Cindy Rodrogeuz

Special Thanks to Danielle Carter, Judith Torzillo,


Tales from our of the ordinary

Journey through dark and beautiful territory to explore the relationship we have with our most precious possession - our mind. A tapestry of surprising encounters weave stories of hope, escape and resilience,created and performed by artists who have experienced homelessness or social disadvantage and the complex issues associated. 

This House Is Mine was presented in partnership with the Darlinghurst Theatre Company from the 12 to 22 March 2015. 

To see the team for This House Is Mine, click HERE.


"magnificently life affirming" "This House Is Mine is theatre that empowers not only the theatre makers but the audience by enlightening through entertainment and by reminding us of the honest dignity we all have in common."  - Sydney Arts Guide

"This House Is Mine is absorbing, exciting, interesting, funny and shocking theatre. It’s also about a rich parade of humanity and human stories shared generously and unseen by dozens of those involved in the Milk Crate Ensemble" - Stage Noise

"it tells real stories: brutal and beautiful by turn" - The Guardian 

"I always know that a work in the theatre has absorbed me when I find myself 'lost' imaginatively in the world and experiences of the story. This happened to me at the Eternity Playhouse the other evening." - Kevin Jackson’s Theatre Diary 

'Poignant, engaging, uplifting – Milk Crate Theatre’s ‘This House Is Mine’ is a revelation' "This House Is Mine is both lovely and confronting theatre" "truth is the vital ingredient to magic" - Concrete Playground Sydney

"the overriding emotion here is hope: hope for change and for a better future" - Time Out Sydney 

"it’s an absorbing, poignant piece with laughter, tears and tenderness as well as darkness and brutality, and it speaks with a great sense of shared humanity" - The Daily Telegraph

"elegantly spare, unfolds smoothly and is strikingly well performed" "authenticity, honesty and generosity of spirit" - The Sydney Morning Herald 


Photos by Patrick Boland. 

Milk Crate Theatre is proudly a Gold Mental Health First Aid skilled Workplace. 

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