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Career Opportunities



We are on the lookout for experienced facilitating/teaching artists, preferably with experience in devised work but open to all art forms and art expressions!

We offer programs and projects that encourage skills development and stimulate creative & personal growth; balancing strengths-based practice with trauma-informed care.

Our purpose as artists is to use practice to transform experiences into expression. We explore core feelings, issues or themes within a personal story and explore that instead of the actual personal story. We want to challenge people CREATIVELY, not around their trauma.












What we expect from our Artist Facilitators:

  • Working collaboratively through devised theatre practices to explore and/or express particular themes, issues or feelings in whatever art form Collaborative Artists (i.e. our participants) are interested in.

  • Flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of Collaborative Artists.

  • Maintaining professional boundaries with Collaborative Artists.

  • Use best practice Community Arts and Cultural Development methodology.

  • Design programs that are accessible and engaging.

  • Communicate and collaborate with fellow Facilitating Artists in the room.

  • Have FUN! Our workshops are a place to encourage a sense of play and joy, and always looking for the positives and encouraging each other's strengths.

First Nations, Culturally and/or Linguistically Diverse, d/Deaf or hard of hearing, people with disability, neurodiverse and LGBTQIA+ artists are encouraged to apply. 

If you are interested in working with us you are welcome to send your CV to

If your CV is accepted it will be kept on file and we may contact you at a later date for an interview.

We frequently have callouts for new artist facilitators and encourage you to submit a new application during that time even if you have sent a CV previously. 

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