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Headway and Headway GENERATE 2023 are a refreshed and streamlined version of our 2017 Developing Artist Program, where Milk Crate Theatre Collaborative Artists gain next level skills development in self-producing performance work, a space to develop creative works in-residence and ideas exchanges with individual support towards skills and creative development.

This program is designed to create access for our Collaborative Artists who mostly haven't had traditional access to educational or arts institutions or wish to delve deeper into their artistry by developing their own work. 


Led by Milk Crate Theatre's Artistic Director Margot Politis, HEADWAY is a 10-week Artist Development Program focusing on devised theatre and performance making, within a Community Arts and Cultural Development framework.

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Led by Milk Crate Theatre's Associate Artist Alex Travers, HEADWAY GENERATE offers Collaborative Artists critical time, space and mentorship to apply their creative skills to the generation of their own project.

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