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Georgina Wood

Pathways Artist

Georgina Wood is an actor, writer and visual artist living in Sydney, currently working towards a solo art exhibition at the Leichhardt Library in December 2017. Her highlights with Milk Crate Theatre include: performing the lead female role of Pepper in Fearless (2012) for which she also wrote the song ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’ (now included in the HSC curriculum); appearing in the short film Invisibility (2015, awarded Best Macro Documentary at the Social Justice Film Festival Seattle); and two creative developments with the cutting-edge Branch Nebula, First Times (2015) and Feast (2016).

Georgina is passionate about Theatre of the Oppressed practice, and its ability to transform lives by discussing real stories by real people. She completed two weeks of intensive workshops with Katy Rubin of Theatre of the Oppressed NYC; making and performing in Under Construction and Meet The Jokers, in residency hosted by Milk Crate Theatre in 2016. Georgina has since worked as Assistant Director on Milk Crate Theatre’s Wasted (2016), as an actor in That's The Spirit (2017), and as Co-Joker on a Forum Theatre project for Link Housing (2017). She is currently working on the Pathways professional development program and hopes to direct a number of Forum Theatre workshops in the future.

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