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Lana Filies

Support Performer

Lana is a Sydney based Australian/South African Actor, Writer, Singer, Director who grew up on Dharawal Country. She graduated from the University of Wollongong in 2018 with a Bachelor of Performance (Acting).

Lana recently toured her debut play 'Expiration Date' (produced by Purple Tape Productions) at the Adelaide Fringe (March 2023) and Meraki Arts Bar (April-May 2023).

In the second half of 2023 Lana will join Milk Crate Theatre in collaboration with Box of Birds (Stalker) to build their major work 'SOLACE' which will debut at Monkey Baa in November. She will also rejoin forces with Lucy Heffernan to write and direct a brand new musical 'TENDER' in collaboration with Shopfront Arts Co-op's Junior Ensemble.

Lana will also undergo two Merringong X developments, 'We Are Here' directed by Emma Saunders and 'Squatchwatch Live' where she will collaborate with Vaguely Adjacent. In September she will join Polyglot for 'Paper Planet' at the Sydney Opera House.

Throughout 2023 Lana will begin two new script developments - 'Primal', an all female and gender diverse intergenerational ensemble piece, and 'Ladybug', a mother-daughter two hander that explores the fear of memory loss.

Most recent acting work includes; CAMP (Siren Theatre Company 2023), 'Where Shall We Meet' (Harness Ensemble, Shopfront Arts Co-Op 2022), 'Dust' (MCT and STC 2022), 'Playpen' (Dollhouse Collective and KXT 2022), 'Tiny Universe' (Shopfront Arts Co-op and MCT 2021).

Most recent directing work: 'Teen Angst, An original musical' (with Lucy Heffernan and Shopfront Arts Co-Op's 2022 Senior Ensemble) and 'Young Company' (with Lauren Oakes, in collaboration with MCA GENEXT Festival).

Follow on socials @lanafilies for more.

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