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images by Patrick Boland Photography, 2012.

"Fearless reminds us that loneliness is more than feelings of isolation experienced by an individual, rather, it is a significant problem of societal health and happiness" - Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald 2012.

A significant text on the HSC curriculum, Fearless investigates the many portals of loneliness. Ten characters inhabit the world of Fearless, distilled the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble, composer Daryl Wallis, singer Christa Hughes and playwright Mirra Todd. Each character flinches at a moment, each life is unexpectedly hurled off its normal path to an emotional abyss, where redemption, recovery, release or relapse is but an inch from each person's grasp.

please note: the music of Fearless is currently not available. Please check back later as we work on making it available. Thank you for your patience.

The Team:

Playwright/Director - Mirra Todd (Artistic Director)

Musical Director/Composer - Daryl Wallis

Set & Costume - Dylan Tonkin

Lighting - Ross Graham

Production Manager - Katie McBride

Stage Manager - Asha Watson

Performers - Sean Barker, Owen Gill, Michael Godlee, Christa Hughes, Russell Kiefel (d), Felix Morgan, Wayne Schmidt, John Turanga, Georgina Wood, Sarah Woods


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