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An incredible transfixing gaze unsettles us in our seats. We listen to testimonies of inequality and how the performers have negotiated the terrain of their lives. These stories reconfigure the identities we see and refuse the identities we hold on to. We watch the performers create makeshift structures of brilliant colour to sleep in. There is an uncomfortably long silence as we watch them rest in real-time. They dance as if only for themselves - we witness their resilience and an undeniable strength that permeates the space. 

The work speaks to the growing gap of inequality in the contemporary world. It aims to provide a deeper understanding of the multifariousness of homelessness through examination of the issues from people with a lived experience. 

The Team:

​Co-Director: Cristabel Sved

Co-Director: Lee Wilson (Branch Nebula)

Performer: Cherie Barnes

Performer: Anita Canning

Performer: Sue Dewhurst

Performer: DJ Rapunzel

Performer: Fabiola Meza

Performer: Flor Garcia

Performer: John McDonnell

Performer: Matthias Nudl

Performer: Pauline Trenerry

Performer: Georgina Wood

Production Design: Mirabelle Wouters (Branch Nebula)

Sound Designer/Composer: Phil Downing

Musician: Eddie Benjamin

Stage Manager: Kevin Ng

Social Worker: Tara Maurici

Patrick Boland: Photography

Denis Beaubois: Videography

Special Thanks to Scott Wright at ERTH, Huey and Nareele Benjamin and Campbelltown Arts Centre.


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