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In 2015 news broke in the Waterloo Housing community that residents would have to move from their homes, due to plans for development in the area. Three years later and these residents – some of whom have lived in the Estate for many years – have still received no certain information as to where they will be “relocated”, let alone when.  


Addressing themes of bureaucracy, waiting, and facing the unknown, INTERIM is a new performance work in development by Milk Crate Theatre, commissioned by 107 Redfern, and will encompass the stories and experiences of current residents of the Waterloo Housing Estates.  


This project will also function as a supported mentorship, as the making of the piece will be designed and facilitated by two participants of Milk Crate Theatre’s Developing Artists Program; where participants learned about self-production and were paired with mentors to begin development on their own new works. INTERIM is another step in the skills development of these Developing Artists, and through a structured process of research, material creation and community engagement, they will be cultivating even further their strength in creative leadership.  

The Team:​

Developing Artists in Residence: Georgina Wood & Pauline Trenerry 

Devisors & Performers: Anna North, Karyn Brown, May Dore & Adam Antonelli 

Director & Mentor: James Dalton 

Artistic Director & Mentor: Margot Politis 

Social Worker: Laura Hurstfield

Creative Producer: Lisa Walton

Program Coordinator: Jessica Saras

Counterpoint Community Services: Adam Antonelli, Jess Cook, Dario Phillips, Amy Willing

107: Jackson Morpehtt Field & James McDonald

Thanks to:

Judith Bowtell, John McDonnell, Marryanne Laumua & Catherine Skipper. 

Photo Credit: Collaborative Artists & Facilitating Artists at Interim 2019. Photos by Patrick Boland.


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