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Intersection was a collision of epic Greek tragedy, interactive dialogue and city tour of homeless hotspots. It explored the crossroads in life, the moments where life changes course, described through the intersection between two people - James and Sally - who meet one night at a crisis shelter. How do two people with such varied personal histories find themselves located in close proximity - it's an affective combination of self-pride, self-disclosure and the pursuit of happiness.

Intersection was a site-specific show that moved across three sites. Built from a collection of stories gathered from individuals at homeless shelters over a three year period, it featured a team of professional actors and artists working alongside 30 participants who had experienced homelessness or disadvantage, and the Sydney Street Choir as the chorus.

The Team:

Director - Beck Ronson (Artistic Director)

Writer - Everyone

Designer - David Fleischer

Lighting - Jack Horton

Dramaturgy - Niamh Kearney

Assistant Director - Alison Richardson

Performers -

Maurie Barlin, Bernadette Regan, Graeme Rhodes

Figures : Chris Barwick (Hope), Nathan Hale (Success), Robin Levy (Doubt), John McDonnell (Undermine), John Turanga (Release) and Rob Weston (Romance)

Shadows : Falah Al-Jaboory, Gordon Broomham, Graeme Buttriss, Di Coe, Alan Jones, Margaruitta Perryman and Gaylene Smith

Chorus (Sydney Street Choir) : Vitauts Adamsons, Jane Barwell, Jackie Brooks, Jodie Catherine, Parra Kel, Caterina Hernandez Quilla, Jenny Matthews, Sandra Logar, Anthony Radicic, Charles Leon, Dennis Ryan, Stewart Rawnsley and Cheryl Todd


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