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Link Housing partners with Milk Crate Theatre to provide an alternative and innovative approach to community consultation through the Forum Theatre method. This resulted in seven performances across North Sydney to an audience of approximately 180 people. The project included a three-day development process with current Linking Housing tenants, public housing tenants, and other interested members of the public. 

The Team:

Director: Graeme Rhodes

Support Artist: Georgina Wood

Project Manager (Milk Crate Theatre): Lisa Walton

Project Coordinator (Link Housing): Louise Hegarty

Collaborator/Performer: Michael Bolton

Collaborator/Performer: Ned Lander

Collaborator/Performer: Jorge Nania

Collaborator: Marie Sillars

Collaborator/Performer: Fay Sinclair

Collaborator/Performer: Kamini Singh

Volunteer/Performer: Ali Goss

Report Writer: Christie Woodhouse

Videography: Sarah Emery

Photography: Patrick Boland


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