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in collaboration with the Waterloo Creative Ensemble

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photo credit: Liam O'Keefe

"Welcome to Manifesto. An immersive experience for you to enjoy as you like, or as you don't like - whatever experience you have, it's ok. This where you, as an audience, can participate and fill in the gaps. Let it inspire you to take these experiences back into your daily lives" 

- Phong Luu

On behalf of the Waterloo Creative Ensemble

Encompassing live activations, interactive works, written, visual, audio, digital and sculptural installations, 'MANIFESTO: Revelations of an Artist' was an exploration of what art, creativity and process meant to the artists of the Waterloo Creative Ensemble.

For sixteen weeks, our ensemble gathered on Mondays in the Neighbourhood Centre on the grounds of the Waterloo Housing Estate to collaborate and play, devising in response to provocations such as: What does creativity look like? Where do our ideas come from? What happens when we close our eyes at night? What art do we love? what do I want to say as an artist?

This creative installation was conjured from a playful devised process to then be redeveloped, rediscovered and translated by the Waterloo Creative Ensemble into an exhibition style work that continually dips between a fully interactive gallery and a static piece of modern art.


Created by: Milk Crate Theatre Collaborative Artists and the Artistic Team

Lead Artist / Director: Bethany Simons

Support Artist / Director: Nick Vagne

Social Worker: Laura Hurstfield

Collaborative Artists and Performers: Christopher Blackwell, Michael Godlee, Phong Luu, Tejas Nazarenko, Matthias Nudl, Garry Richards, Wayne Schmidt

Producer: Jessica Saras

Production Manager: Daniel Potter (PaperJam Partners)

Lighting Designer: Paris Bell

A special acknowledgment to our ensemble members who contributed creatively throughout the workshop series by were unable to join us for the duration of the project: Flor Garcia, Darlene Proberts, Susie Louden, Christina H, Sally Kelly


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This project/organisation is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW

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