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"A sense of mission that goes beyond mere entertainment…the immersive aspects of the performance are beguiling and the work bears all the Milk Crate hallmarks: authenticity, honesty, gallows humour, generosity of spirit and a sense of mission that goes beyond mere entertainment."

Natural Order


"The production imaginatively draws together the self-devised scenes into a cohesive whole. The combination of music, video, song and drama complement each other and keep the action moving, and the immersive 360-degree set created by artistic director Margot Politis allows the audience to be voyeurs to the changing scenes and action while not being overwhelmed."

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"Featuring an extremely engaging cast of performers, including Darlene Proberts, whose delightful singing voice has us hopelessly charmed. Shane Bell delivers a powerful monologue, bringing tears to many eyes with his portrayal of Michael, as he recounts his distant glory days."

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"The cast played, very well,  both ‘sides’; some were restless, disgruntled people in the waiting room tackling forms, whilst others played prissy, officious staff.  At one point, in a clever twist, we, the audience,  went into another room, to be processed as people looking for work/accommodation."

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"Moving, funny, subversive and haunting, the performance not only provides a creative opportunity to those who are experiencing, or have experienced homelessness, but also explores the ways in which society denies the right to pursue a fulfilling life to the indigent."

Photo Credit: Natural Order (2019), photos by Patrick Boland. 

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