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Collaborative Artists

Our Collaborative Artists are people who join Milk Crate Theatre activities and form part of our creative community. They have lived experience of homelessness or social disadvantage and the complex issues associated including mental health, financial, emotional and physical support needs, addiction, trauma, domestic violence and people who are recently arrived. 

"Open my mind to feeling the huge joy inside myself, it is like I'm born again."

- Milk Crate Theatre Collaborative Artist

Who We Are

A poem by Milk Crate Theatre Participant, Pauline Trenerry

We are hoarders, hiders, helpers,

keepers of knowledge.

Experts in cheap meals, low fares/no fares,

St Vinnies, Missionbeat, the Salvos.

Multitudes who parties ignore

Chained to Centrelink, psychiatrists, social services

held in boxes labelled

Bludgers, Disabled, The Unemployed

Moved on, pissed on, pushed out, derided.

Don't judge, criticise, moralise,

think you can't lose your job, house, family

all your belongings in the car

knocking on charity's door. 

We are writers, performers, artists.

Special, unique and ordinary. 

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