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A co-production between Milk Crate Theatre
and Box of Birds / Stalker Theatre

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image credit: Robert Catto

"confidently poetic, and unapologetic with it's rendering of a theatrical language that is consistently esoteric in quality, unafraid of obscure expressions, with a view to providing an experience that sings truthfully"


"audiences are guided through movement, sound and projections to stunning effect"



What do you turn to for comfort? And what happens when you can't get that thing?

SOLACE is a stunning new co-production between Milk Crate Theatre and Box of Birds / Stalker Theatre that excavates the psychological and physiological impulses behind the pursuit of comfort. Why do we crave what we crave? What are we seeking comfort from? Are we trying to avoid being alone with ourselves? Or do we just need a break from an increasingly complex and pressurised world?

Comprising text, movement and sound, interwoven with interactive digital projection, SOLACE rides the rugged terrain of the craving that underscores our lives. With humour and irreverence, darkness and light, we also question moral judgement associated with the ways people seek comfort - when something is deemed "okay" and "healthy", and when we start to use the words like "wrong", "unhealthy" and "addiction". Who is making these rules for us, and how are they ultimately helpful in the end?

A bold new work by two of Australia's leading arts organisations in the fields of inclusive performance made by, with and for people with lived experience of homelessness, mental health issues and disability (Milk Crate Theatre), and large scale, interactive digital projection and physical theatre (Box of Birds / Stalker Theatre)


Created by: Milk Crate Theatre Collaborative Artists and the Milk Crate Theatre + Box of Birds / Stalker Theatre Artistic Teams

Co-Directors: Margot Politis (MCT) and David Clarkson (BoB)

Assistant Director & Cast Producer: Alex Travers

Key Support Artist: Lucy Watson

Milk Crate Theatre Social Worker: Laura Hurstfield

Devisers and Performers: Kerry Bashford, Lana Filies, Matthias Nudl, Alana Pienkosz, Darlene Proberts, Nick Vagne


Event Producer: Jessica Saras

Production Manager: Rick Everett

Projection Designer: Matt Hughes

Sound Designer: Prema Yin

Photography: Robert Catto



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This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW

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