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Our Strategic Goals

Natural Order_PR-6871.jpg

Photo from 2019 Major Production Natural Order. Patrick Boland Photography

Our Vision

Milk Crate Theatre effects social change through the power of performance.

Our Mission/Our Purpose

Milk Crate Theatre provides opportunities for people whose voices are under-represented to engage in artistic practice to build confidence, skills and

connections; and shares bold and resonant stories to build empathy and break down barriers.

Our Community

Our community of Collaborative Artists are people whose voices are under-represented. They are generally living with, have experienced or are at risk of homelessness; living with mental health or disability support needs; have experienced domestic violence or come from culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

We work with arts, social purpose, government, corporate and funding partners who can increase our participant and audience reach and impact.

Our Values


We use a range of creative practices to develop skills and foster confidence and provide platforms for expression and open discourse for social justice

and change.


We create an environment where the experiences, feeling and rights of everyone are respected and valued.


We put our Artists at the heart of everything we do, providing a safe and accessible environment for the community to connect and personally develop

through creative practice.


We work collaboratively within our creative processes, and in partnership with arts, social purpose, government, corporate and funding partners to further our reach and impact

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