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What do you do when you feel like you're drowning? How do you explain to others that you've forgotten who you are?

Every year one million Australians live with one of the most prevalent disabilities in the world; if it is not you, it might be someone you know, someone you work with...someone you love. 

Depression is on the rise across the globe, and the Milk Crate Theatre set out to explore with their audiences through interactive Forum Theatre, how to find support for this condition, and how we can individuals and collectively activate change. 

That's The Spirit was presented as a public showing at the Erskineville Town Hall and Redfern Town Hall in June 2017; before going on to be included in Riverside Theatre's Secondary Education Program for 2017. 

The Team:

Director/Performer: Kay Armstrong

Collaborator: Agniele Asmenaite

Collaborator: Costa Chrysafis

Collaborator/Performer: Desmond Edwards

Collaborator: Eugenia Langley

Collaborator: Jordan Rosier

Collaborator/Performer: Steve Simao

Collaborator/Performer: Kamini Singh

Collaborator: John Williams

Collaborator/Performer: Georgina Wood

Social Worker: Laura Hurstfield

Producer: Lisa Walton

Artistic Support: Margot Politis

Research/Collaborator: Lachlan Dudley  

Collaborator/Volunteer: Ixi Avila


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