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Milk Crate Theatre Artistic Director Margot Politis shares her thoughts on the last night of Natural Order.

With tonight being our final evening of performances, we have a wonderful message from our Artistic Director and Director of 'Natural Order' Margot Politis:

"Tonight is our last night of performances of this beautiful show. It's hard to believe that after two years of working so hard on this project, that she will tonight go to sleep and join that dream world of sweetly savoured memories, held by the theatre gods.

What an honour to have made a work that will join the rich history of this remarkable and incredibly important company, Milk Crate Theatre. Thank you to everyone who held faith that a tiny company like ours could achieve something so big, complex and genuinely inclusive.

But for tonight, the biggest and warmest of chookas to our brilliant cast, crew, artists and staff, as we share with our last audiences the glorious magic that is ...

Natural Order."

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