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Change can be exciting, bringing fresh opportunities, but it can also be scary, especially when it could mean the relocation of your home or business. Turning Towers explored the NSW Government plan to revitalise the inner-city suburb of Waterloo and the issues facing the diverse community of Waterloo who have strong ties to the local area. What happens when an entire community of more than 4000 public housing tenants is 'redeveloped'? How can we deal with the challenges ahead for those dependent on public and social housing while allowing for significant urban development? How can a community stay connected during a time of dramatic and rapid change? 

The Team:

Co-Facilitator/Director - Goldele Rayment

Co-Facilitator - Jonnie Swift

Collaborator/Performer - Chris Barry

Collaborator/Performer - Christopher Blackwell

Collaborator - Marianne Cenno

Collaborator/Performer - Desmond Edwards

Collaborator/Performer - Owen Gill

Performer - Ali Goss

Collaborator/Performer - John McDonnell

Collaborator Performer - Catherine Skipper

Collaborator - Laura Wynne

Social Support - Laura Kelly

Social Support - Tara Maurici

Social Support - Bill Yan

Producer - Lisa Walton


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