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What happens when the things that bring us comfort and control begin to break, wreck and ravage?

Wasted is inspired by the real-life experiences of the Milk Crate Theatre community, exploring addiction in all its shapes and sizes - from drugs and sugar to gaming and gambling. It delves into the wasted opportunities that occur when addiction takes over and we can no longer make rational choices and decisions. Using Augusto Boal inspired model of Forum Theatre; Milk Crate Theatre will get audiences up out of their seats and onto the stage to become part of a community problem-solving experience. Wasted will inspire audiences to examine their perceptions and actively brainstorm solutions to help break the downwards spiral of addictions and work towards positive change. 

The Team:

Co-Facilitator/Co-Director - Graeme Rhodes

Co-Director - Margot Politis

Performer/Co-Facilitator - Fabiola Meza

Assistant Director (Mentorship) - Georgina Wood

Performer - Anita Canning

Performer - Owen Gill

Performer - Tim Tari

Producer - Lisa Walton

Social Worker - Ann Malcolm

Stage Manager - Kevin Ng

Stage Manager - Jerold Chan

Special Thanks to Patrick Boland and Sarah Emery. 


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