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Blog Post - by Emily Calder, DAVO Pest Control Officer

Hello and welcome to DAVO, your local District Advanced Vocational Outlet. Please take a seat and one of our friendly staff will assist you as soon as possible ... eventually ... potentially ... 


Have you filled out the form? We are unable to locate any pens at this point in time but we are working diligently to resolve the issue. In the meantime please wait for a very unspecified amount of time as we work towards empowering your future!


In 'Natural Order' our characters are trapped in the social services nightmare that is DAVO. As they wait and wait, time ticks over into days, months and years. They are numbers - numbers that are never processed. The benefits are promised but never eventuate. And it’s not just the numbers who are suffering. The staff are being broken by the system too.

The multimedia production of 'Natural Order' has been eighteen months in creation. Pauline Trenerry plays Carol, a DAVO staff member. She says the cast wanted DAVO to reflect not just the world of social services, but institutions in general. The ever-changing rules, the waiting, the broken promises and the frustrations the disadvantaged face when trying to break free and attain security and autonomy. 

‘The system is broken and it needs to be fixed’, Pauline says. ‘We hope the audience will come away with that message.’ 


And we’re still waiting on those pens...

Natural Order Workshops. Photo by Kay Armstrong
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