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Join Milk Crate Theatre's Artistic Director Margot Politis and Key Support Artist Lucy Watson as they lead you through discovering awesome new ways to make your own theatre work!


Pin down your unique style as we play with text, games, movement, pop culture, comedy and more!


This weekly program has everything you need! Each week a new workshop video will be posted for you to watch, followed by a group video call to chat about the workshop, share ideas and present responses to tasks and activities.


In this video we talk about what our workshop series will cover.


We also look at some basics of performance and creation techniques, using some physical tasks that will be referred to throughout the series.


We end in a task for you to take into your week!


This week Margot and Lucy have a chat about what is Devised Theatre, and yes, that is a massive question!


We talk about the various ways Devised Theatre can be made, and specifically how Milk Crate Theatre does it.


We finish with a task for you to consider the many ways in which you could devise your own theatre.


This week, Margot and Lucy discuss everything improvisation.


What is it? Why is it important? What the rules and guidelines? Why do we need them?


Stay until the end for a quick and fun improv session and make sure to send us your answers!


This week we explore the many different inspirations you can use to begin creating a character.


At the end is a task for you to start your creation, which we will be taking into the weeks ahead!


Continuing on from last weeks video which looked at the first stage of character development, this week we are looking at objects and object play and how we can use objects to build and discover our characters.


Lucy demonstrates just a few of the many ways objects can be used and how object play can be done! Be sure to stay to the end of this weeks task!


This week we investigate movement – as yet another vehicle with which to inspire material and character creation!

The task this week connects to your character description, so bring it along with you to continue your exploration.


The setting of a performance work doesn’t only apply to “the set”.


Join us as we talk about creating the WORLD of your character, and how your character can be influenced by their environment, or how the environment can symbolise aspects of your character.


This week we delve into another big topic and ask what is symbolism?

How is it used in narrative, theatre, visual art, and performance?

How can symbolism help us give/gain insights into a character’s experience or world, narrative?


Stay until the end for this week's task!


In this, the penultimate week of Devising Theatre, we take your ideas from Week Eight around Symbolism and take them into the next stage of the process - integrating them into scenes or moment!


You'll find you task for the week in the video with some brilliant examples from our Key Support Artist Lucy.


This week, the final of our first round of workshops for our online Devising Theatre program, we bring together the past nine weeks worth of character development, ideas and discussion to look at a very important part of our creative journey - Narrative.

What are the common forms of narrative that we know? What is the purpose of narrative? Once we know a narrative arc, how can we mix it up or mess with it?

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