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At the start of 2020, the Milk Crate Theatre team was ready to roll out a full program of workshops and performances, and then as the world locked down because of COVID-19 in March, we had to suspend programming. Our team quickly pivoted to offer the opportunity for the community to connect online. Then in our Milk Crate way, amazing things started to happen.


Milk Crate Theatre is progressively creating this online program to keep in touch with our community and beyond – with the aim to assist us all in staying creative and staying connected.


We have created a range of videos which were uploaded weekly, covering basic breathing and warm-ups, a whole workshop series about devising theatre, and some offerings from special guest artists! Take what you need and leave the rest – mix it up and try a new one each day or use one of the warm-ups as an anchor for your morning routine.

Discover the Online Program below!


Join Milk Crate Theatre's Artistic Director Margot Politis and Key Support Artist Lucy Watson as they lead you through discovering awesome new ways to make your own theatre work!


Pin down your unique style as we play with text, games, movement, pop culture, comedy and more!



Get back to basics with this series of videos that focus on simple exercises that can get you ready for the day, help you wind down, help you relax if you are stressed or anxious, or if you just want to take a moment to ground yourself. 

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