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Milk Crate Theatre hit the road where Artistic Director Margot Politis facilitated Milk Crate Theatre workshops for communities, artists and organisations across four regions in NSW. Graciously supported by Create NSW, we were so excited to be offering our workshop opportunities outside of Sydney, in process and accessible practice (HOW we do) as well as practical sessions of play (WHAT we do).

As we are not a company that currently tours, this was a magnificent opportunity for us to start conversations about how we can offer greater access to our work in the wider community of NSW.

Here's what we got up to!

Stop 1 - Newcastle with Tantrum Youth Arts

On 6 May, Artistic Director Margot and Associate Artist Alex headed to Newcastle to run a day of workshops hosted by our mates Tantrum Youth Arts! In a room of emerging and highly experienced teachers, artists and facilitators, they had great discussions about Dignity of Risk vs creative excavation, and inclusive practice. The group also created some stunning movement pieces, allowing themselves the space for self-nourishment and presence.

Stop 2 - Wagga Wagga

Artistic Director Margot was graciously hosted by the incredibly hard working team at Eastern Riverina Arts, to lead a workshop in their beautiful new venue, The Station Creative Space, on 11 May.

The group talked about inclusive practice in arts and community, and then got on the floor to experience different physical states in characterisation. They shared some revelations on the mind / body connection in relation not only to performance, but also to ourselves as humans and the mental health experience.

Stop 3 - Parkes and Bathurst

From the 16-19 May, Artistic Director Margot spent a magnificent time in Bathurst and Parkes, taking in breathtaking stops along the way, The first adventure was into the City Hall venue at Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, to see Emily Steel's Euphoria - an absolutely moving piece, performed so beautifully in this space, Margot met with an array of artists and arts leaders in town, before heading over to Parkes! A trip to the famous The Dish could obviously not be missed, before running a workshop with the excellent Currajong Disability Services at Parkes Council Library.

Stop 4 - Lismore

Across 21-22 June, Margot led two workshops as part of NORPA's MAKERS HUB at the Lismore Showgrounds - an incredible creative program being offered in the area after a tumultuous 3 years. What an honour for MCT to be a part of this!

The focus of their time together was that 'everything you need is already within you'. By going back to basics and aiming to set aside cognitive restraints, we can be present in the space together. Presence opens our creative possibilities, and we can begin making beautiful work from the most uncomplicated of tasks. So much magic!


A big thank you to all involved and who made this possible - Create NSW for supporting this project; Tantrum Youth Arts team members Dave, Nel and Tamara; Tim Kurylowicz and the awesome staff at Eastern Riverina Arts - Ashleigh, Brittany and also Damian, Luke, Grealy, Elise, Nina; Kylie Shead of Arts out West, Annabel Scholes of BMEC, Kerryn and Roxanne (ex) of Parkes Shire Council and Doug at Currajong Disability Services; Julian Louis, Sasha Bradbury and Frauke Huhn of NORPA.


The workshops offered:

PROCESS: The Power of Inclusive Making

Learn about the ways MCT practices genuinely inclusive and collaborative material making, share your own processes with the group, and carry away these energies with you as you on to make your own work!

What will be covered: Ethos and purpose, structure, and accessibility, planning and delivery, and practical methodology.

PRACTICE: Embodiment and Play!

Collaborative play, exploration and investigation. Thinking with the heart and body instead of focusing on the cognitive - to find centre, find ground, and find an innate power within, before embarking on making.

You will follow the structure of a typical MCT workshop, which comprises warming up, connection, task based activities, sharing of material made, and warming down.


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This project/organisation is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW

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