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In 2016 Milk Crate Theatre hosted an exciting International Forum Theatre Exchange with Theatre of the Oppressed NYC (TONYC). The first half of this brilliant meeting of peer organisations, was the creation of a new Forum Theatre work, titled 'Under Construction'. Created by the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble Artists, and facilitated by TONYC's Executive Director Katy Rubin, 'Under Construction' was informed by a process of collaboration and investigation, utilising TONYC's signature style of creating accessible and informative Forum Theatre work. 'Under Construction' was performed at the Wayside Chapel and the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre.

The second week of this exchange comprised Theatre of the Oppressed Joker Training: a hands-on intensive on Forum Theatre and Ethical Facilitation, ledy by Katy Rubin for 25 participants and peers of Milk Crate Theatre. The week culminated in 'Meet the Jokers! A Forum Theatre Presentation and Dialogue'. This dialogue and Q&A was presented for artists, practitioners, community partners and the general public. Hosted by Jonathan Bollen, the panel included Katy Rubin, Cristabel Sved, Paula Abood, Caterina Guiliano, Georgina Wood and Chris Barry.

The Team:

Facilitated and Directed by - Katy Rubin

MCT Artistic Director - Cristabel Sved

Co-Jokers - Katy Rubin and Georgina Wood

Project Manager - Margot Politis

Production Manager - Gigi Gregory

Social Worker - Tara Maurici

Volunteer - Jo Franklin

Cast - Veronica Flynn, Owen Gill, Vashti Hughes, John McDonnell, Graeme Rhodes, Pauline Trenerry


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