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Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to Milk Crate Theatre's new look website! We are very happy to have you visit our revamped online presence. The while idea was to create a refreshed and welcoming place for our community and to encourage you to GET INVOLVED!

This year we launched our new strategic plan and an exciting artistic program with lots of opportunities for everyone:

  • For all our amazing participants - who bring all of their lived experience, skills and talent to everything you do.

  • For our invaluable community partners - who provide our venues and make our programs work: with everything from promotion and referrals, to on the ground support.

  • For our talented facilitating artists - who collaborate with our participants, lead and support our workshops and performances, and bring their skills, experience and knowledge to make the magic happen.

  • For our generous and committed supporters - who provide the resources, networks, research and information that allows us to do what we do.

I took up the role of CEO at Milk Crate Theatre at the end of last year, having previously been on the board. Getting to know the organisation on a more "intimate" level has been an amazing learning experience in many ways.Through the process of strategic review we have confirmed who we are, what we do and why we do it. We are committed to putting our participants first in our planning, policies and processes, and creating works that are true collaborations.

My personal passion is ensuring Milk Crate Theatre is accessible to as many people as possible, so they can make positive changes in their lives. Since we incorporated in 2011, over 700 people have taken part in our programs and 80% report a positive impact. I would like to see that number continue to grow - through partnerships and collaborations.

This year we have formed some new strategic partnerships (more details in future blogs!) and we are reaching out to both funding and community partners to extend our reach and increase our impact. New areas include:

  • Working with young people in areas of Western Sydney where there is critical social disadvantage;

  • Designing programs for women, that address their unique experience of homelessness and current development needs; and

  • Collaborating with community partners on current issues impacting their environment - including changes in social and public housing landscape.

Over the coming moth I will continue to update you on our progress in implementing our new strategic plan and meeting our strategic goals. So please watch this space and think about how you might GET INVOLVED in making our vision come to life.

All the best,

Judith Bowtell


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