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Milk Crate Theatre Presents: The Arts and Job Readiness Report

The arts brings tremendous value to communities across Australia. It brings communities together and has the power to transform lives. We encourage all sectors to consider how the arts can provide solutions to some of societies greatest challenges.

Milk Crate Theatre are proud to present our latest Impact Report, titled: The Arts and Job Readiness. We have engaged our community directly through interview and surveys, as well as observing workshops and rehearsal to bring you a detailed report on how the arts provide a powerful tool to improve job readiness in individuals.

As you may know, Milk Crate Theatre engages communities with complex lived experience of homelessness, mental illness and/or disability who are often long term unemployed or experience significant barriers to acquiring and maintaining a job. Milk Crate Theatre have found that through creative practice individuals can experience extraordinary personal and creative growth in areas like the development of soft skills, increased confidence, social connections and life skills, leading to overall improved wellbeing and the power to take action in their lives. Our results demonstrate that our community are:

  • 92% are more confident

  • 86% have better coping mechanisms

  • 75% have gained skills that help them manage personal challenges

  • 93% have better self-worth

Furthermore, our report presents that: 78% of our participants feel ready to take on other opportunities in the community, including employment.

Whilst our end goal is not to subscribe individuals into the workforce, the increased confidence, skills, and connections as well as increases in self-reliance, empowering aspiration can provide a gateway for future social and economic engagement. We believe that the arts provide effective, supportive and healing ways to prepare individuals not only for job readiness but for a life where they are seen and valued as fully contributing members of a compassionate society.

We hope you enjoy this report and please don't hesitate to speak to Jessica Pantano, Impact Manager or Jodie Wainwright, CEO if you have any questions or would like to know more.


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