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Biennial Homelessness Summit

Last week I was lucky enough to spend some days in Melbourne and attend the national Biennial Homelessness Summit.

Having listened and talked with people working in the homelessness sector right across Australia, I have a much better and deeper understanding of both the complexity of issues underlying people's experience of homelessness and the diversity of services and models available.

The best bit about the summit is that whilst there is frustration that the issue persists in a country with such wealth as Australia, there are amazing levels of commitment, compassion and innovation being harnessed by the workers to get better and more sustainable outcomes for their clients.

Next week is Homelessness Week in Australia and a chance to reflect on both the continuing need for services but also recognise that there are many people committed to making a change for the better.

Plus - I had the great pleasure to meet Adam Robinson from StreetSmart Australia last week in Melbourne and hear more about where the idea for DineSmart and CafeSmart came from and the amount of work it takes to make these events happen. This year there are 625 cafes supporting CafeSmart across Australia and on August 4th participating cafes will donate $1 from every coffee sold! #CafeSmart So look out for CafeSmart cafe near you and remember to thank them for supporting an initiative that gives much needed support for small organisations like Milk Crate Theatre.

Have a great week!

Judith Bowtell


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