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Suffolk University comes to Milk Crate! A blog entry from intern Ross Gray

Hello Everyone!

My name is Ross and I have had the pleasure of interning at Milk Crate Theatre for the past several weeks. Upon showing up to work for my first day, I was instantly greeted by one of our fabulous leading ladies, Artistic Director - Margot, and felt right at home by the end of the day. I have been able to form wonderful connections with those in the office (Jess and Lisa), and the insights they have given me have truly been invaluable to adapting to life in Sydney.

Coming to MCT through a study abroad program, I was a little nervous about what it would be like adjusting to life down under, but with the guidance and support of these wonderful women, I would have never made it to the somewhat Sydney-sider I feel like I’ve become.

My time at MCT has given me a new perspective as to how an arts organisation is run and maintained. While I have been in production for all of my theatre life, I have never been able to experience the administrative side of arts organisations. This new-found experience has really allowed me to see theatre in a different light, and I know that taking this experience into my future is going to shape the way I interact with the administrative members I meet down the line.

One of my favourite experiences at Milk Crate Theatre (aside from getting to know everyone in the office) was going to the Sydney Homeless Connect annual event that allows those that have been homeless or are at risk of being homeless to reach out and make connections with fantastic organisations and services. It was such a moving experience to have people come up to the table and share their experiences and feelings about art and theatre, and how Milk Crate Theatre has been a part of this wonderful transformation these people have had while participating at Milk Crate Theatre events. While I cannot begin to comprehend how Milk Crate Theatre has changed their lives, I know that my life has been forever changed because of this amazing and wonderful experience.

In short, I would like to thank all of those I met through Milk Crate Theatre and I will remain grateful to you all for the adventure you have given me in Sydney town.

Ross, with one of our volunteers Emily at this year's Sydney Homeless Connect

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