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An enchanting afternoon of theatre and music at Exodus Foundation

Yesterday, the Community Hall at The Exodus Foundation was transformed into an energetic performance space for a patented Milk Crate Theatre Drama Presentation.

In collaboration with Exodus' band The Battlers, audience members were treated to an afternoon of theatre, singing and dancing. Our participants shared self-devised material created throughout 2019 as part of an ongoing performing arts workshop program held at The Exodus Foundation in Ashfield.

Short monologues and scenes dazzled audiences. Stories were imagined in a fictional Exodus restaurant inspired by The Loaves and Fishes Restaurant.

Entertaining us with jokes, musings and memories - it was wonderful to hear stories of inclusion, happiness, love and of course our casts FAVOURITE MEALS!

Audience members were also invited to join performers and band in singing John Lennon's Imagine, and heard The Battlers own song Turn it Around.

Special thanks to Lead Facilitating Artist Alice Williams and Support Artist Paul Walker for all their tireless effort, artistic vision and expertise working with the group throughout the year and bringing these amazing stories to the public.

Yesterday's Drama Presentation was the first but definitely not the last performance presentation for Exodus, led by Milk Crate Theatre - and we must extend our thanks to the Inner West Council for making this wonderful project and partnership possible. We know this is only the start of a wonderful friendship with Exodus and the Inner West community. Milk Crate Theatre are proud to be sharing these wonderful and unique stories.

Photos by Lisa Walton

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