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A note from Artistic Director, Margot Politis - July 2021

Hello Milk Craters & our Community far and wide!

I wanted to say hello and send my heart out to everyone in the hopes that you are all doing well - as well as we can be in this strange time.

To our Collaborative Artists - thank you to everyone who participated in our workshops these past 6 months, you all did an outstanding job! I am so sorry I wasn't able to see most of you in person because of working on our show Tiny Universe. But I was sent photos and videos and have de-briefed with all the Artist Facilitators. I have heard about all of the little moments of beauty you have brought about in these spaces - the magic of Milk Crate as I call it - and my heart has been so warmed by your beautiful artistry, ideas, passion and commitment.

Vignettes - Women's workshop, June 2021 (above photo by Lead Facilitating Artist Bethany Simons)

Thank you to all of you who contributed and / or performed in Tiny Universe! Everyone who came along to an idea's session or workshop - your offerings were wonderful and provided the underlying magic of the final outcome.

Truly heart warmed!

And thank you also to everyone - both Collaborative Artists (new and old) and our extended Community - who came to see the show! I am incredibly grateful to all of you, and the wonderful feedback we received.

images left to right:

Collaborative Artist Brenda, at Rev. Bill Crews 'The Big Picture' workshop series (photo by Lead Facilitating Artist Kay Armstrong)

Poster for OLC's 'Storytelling for Laughs' workshop series (created by Support Artist Facilitator Sarah Easterman)

We Need You! 'Interim image' (created by Assistant Director/Facilitator Bethany Simons)

Now, although this latest COVID-19 situation is throwing our plans up in the air a bit, we have been busy re-organising things and making sure when we can get back on the floor we will do so with gusto!

The next project is the celebration of 21 years of Milk Crate Theatre! We'd love to hear from you! So if you have a memory you'd like to share, or a photo or video - anything - we'd love for you to send it through to us. You can send those through to

Most of all, I hope we can find ways to stay grounded and positive in these times, trust me I am trying too!

If you find you need extra support, here are a list of great numbers you can call anytime:

  • In an emergency, dial 000

  • Lifeline: 13 11 14

  • Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636

  • NSW Mental Health Line: 1800 011 511

  • Suicide Call Back Service: 1300 659 467

All the best, and I hope to see all of your lovely faces in real life as soon as possible!!

Much muchness,

Margot, on behalf of the MCT team


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