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Thanks for Ali Goss!

Report from Ali Gloss, Summer volunteer at Milk Crate Theatre all the way from New York USA:

While I was with Milk Crate Theatre I worked on two projects. First, I worked with the Milk Crate Theatre team on a project commissioned by Link Housing. The most amazing part for me in this process was to see a piece created in just three days that was completely led by the participants with only slight guidance from the facilitators Graeme and Georgina. The second project I was involved in was the Turning Towers project that was directly addressing the demolition and reconstruction of the Waterloo Estate in Redfern. I was excited to be able to perform in both pieces!

Link Housing project, Creative Development (2017). Photo by Patrick Boland.

I am extremely grateful for my time that I spent with Milk Crate Theatre. For the past several year, I have worked with various organisations that work with a variety of communities including those who live with housing insecurity and homelessness. It was at Milk Crate Theatre that I was able to experience first hand the strength that Forum Theatre has as a method of cultivating community, providing confidence, and directly addressing that which participants find most important in order to take steps towards righting systems of oppression. I was able to see first hand how to craft a Forum Theatre piece while paying acute attention to projecting the voices of those participating in the project. Ultimately, I am most grateful for the opportunity Milk Crate Theatre gave me to work so hands on with both projects. Milk Crate Theatre's practice of leaving no one on the sidelines I think is invaluable whilst building a performance inclusive of the whole community.

Turning Towers, Performance - Redfern Town Hall (2017). Photo by Carla Orsatti

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