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Introducing our new project: CREATING IMPACT

Photo by Robert Catto, Milk Crate Theatre and Box of Bird's: SOLACE, 2023

CREATING IMPACT is a two-year project that brings Arts organisations together with funders and experts to co-design a shared Impact Framework to measure the social impact of creative practice. This project will be realised through 4 phases.

While Milk Crate Theatre are leading the project, Social Ventures Australia will bring their expertise to facilitate sessions and help inform the project.

Phase 1: State of the Sector (May-June, 2024)

  • Establish collaborative agreement on the project’s purpose, scope, timelines and key milestone.

  • Review of current tools/measures across the sector.

  • Interview funders to establish priorities and expectations.

  • The project group to be confirmed through this phase.

Phase 2: Co-Design 

(August-November, 2024)

  • The project group will develop a sector Theory of Change and a shared framework including a shared set of universally agreed outcome measures.

  • Sessions also include up-skilling to ensure informed participation.

  • Funders participate in some sessions to provide insights.

  • Organisations are trained and ready for pilot.

Phase 3: Pilot Implementation 

(Over 2025)

  • Organisations will implement the Framework with support from Milk Crate Theatre and Social Ventures Australia, measuring impact across their communities.

  • A tool or online platform (TBD) will be used to input, securely house and assess the data.

Phase 4: Data Analysis and Report

(Early-Mid 2026)

  • Social Ventures Australia will aggregate data to establish measures and work with the project group to craft a report sharing pilot results and broader recommendations on benchmarks, process, and tools.

For further information please email Milk Crate Theatre's, Impact Manager:


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