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2023 Annual Impact Report

We are thrilled to release with you Milk Crate Theatre’s 2023 Annual Impact Report, highlighting both the creative and social impacts of our work throughout the year. 2023 has been another remarkable year, with a range of new works being developed and presented, the relaunch of our Developing Artist Program, and the release of a new strategic plan that sets the path for Milk Crate Theatre’s future.

The creativity of our Collaborative Artists was showcased this year through diverse presentations across various art forms and formats, including live performances, workshops, and short films. Our Developing Artist Program supported twelve individuals, with six creating and showcasing their own works, demonstrating inspiring growth and community strength.


The impact of our work this year has been profound. We continue to see amazing results coming through from our impact framework on our artists and audiences alike. We have engaged 198 Collaborative Artists this year across our program and delivered in excess of 3,500 hours of service. This report incorporates all impact measures from across the 2023 program, alongside stories and information about our program.

I would like to pass on a big thank you to each and every Collaborative Artist, Facilitating Artist, Tech, Producer, Community Partner, and Funder who collectively enable the special place that Milk Crate Theatre holds in Australia's cultural and social impact life.


We hope you enjoy this report sharing our successes in 2023, and we look forward to sharing more across 2024 as we bring our new strategic plan to life!


Please consider donating to Milk Crate Theatre’s Tax Time Appeal

This year, Milk Crate Theatre celebrates 25-years of creating provocative performance works created by, with and for people with diverse backgrounds and complex lived experiences. With this milestone, we have launched a new strategic plan that maps out a bold new future — to grow opportunities for our Collaborative Artists, introduce new creative streams, increase opportunities for paid employment through a social enterprise and make significance improvements to sector-wide impact reporting. 

It's an exciting time for Milk Crate Theatre and we would love you to be part of it.

Donate today and ensure Milk Crate Theatre is the place where every story finds a stage!


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