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A bit of in-kindness can make a big difference

Milk Crate Theatre runs on the support of our generous partners – in government, philanthropy, business, creative sector and community.

Often that support comes “in-kind” which means we get donations of goods and services to support our work. This can be everything from pro-bono legal and other professional services, marketing and design, venues for workshops, rehearsal and performances, plus social support services.

It also includes donations from Oz Harvest allowing us to supply snacks at our workshop hubs and sharing the occasional bit of theatre equipment with colleagues at Shopfront Arts Co-op.

One of our recent supporters was the delivery of 8 new chairs for our office in Alexandria Town Hall.

I am now proud to say that all of our staff now have a proper ergonomic chair, with two arms each!! This is all thanks to our friends at Westpac who have been a wonderful ally and support for Milk Crate Theatre over the years.

With many thanks for all of your support,

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